At home outside the country retreat...

Who needs a country house when you can have one of these?

A view from the back.

Front, back or side, A12HHW looks great from any angle.

One from the Archive!

Rare photo of A12HHW in its heyday.

Looking snappy!

Those pipes sound as good as they look too…

Cresting the hill.

Think this is my favourite picture. Form and function rolled into one…

Did we mention overrun?

60’s ambience and the faint crackle and pop from those snappy pipes on downhill overrun! Just a fabulous place to be.

Oh, the front of it!

Any angle up close or from a distance. A12HHW turns heads everywhere it goes.

Just love the wheels too.

Light alloy Dunlop style wheels… Making me think of the 60’s again.

Outside Tyddyn Llan. The chefs not bad too 'for a taff'.

A12HHW on its very first trip out (really, we just drove straight there!). A very very welcome break in the Welsh countryside.

Really, I think I've died and gone to the 60s...

A heavenly place to be.

Just pap'd this beauty leaving it's stately home...

Anyone know who lives there?